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Style Guide - Emporio Armani

Reet lads and lasses! It’s your main man Gaz with my latest style guide! How good has the World Cup been so far?! Can’t wait to get to the boozer tomorrow night, it’s coming home! I’m hoping we’ll get an early dart from the office, so I can get the vocal chords well lubricated to cheer the lads on! I’ve heard we’ll be playing in all white and as I don’t own an England shirt I’ll be throwing on one of our Emporio Armani T-Shirts, at least I’ll look decent when I stay out until last orders!

You can bag yourself 2 Emporio Armani T-Shirts for under £30 at B1G1HP and what’s even better is we are now offering Next Day Delivery to England, Scotland and Wales when you place your order before 1pm Monday to Thursday. Check out our Emporio Armani collection right here. You know what they say No Armani…No Salami…Or something like that! ;)

Here’s a brief history of Emporio Armani so you know a bit more about what you’ll be wearing! It’s the second brand of the Armani family. It focuses on modern trends and easy to wear styles. Over the years David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo have modelled their ranges, like those two legends we have many a piece of EA in our wardrobes at

Come on England!

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