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Behind The Scenes - Pop Up Shop & The Launch Of Penny Catcher

On Saturday we hosted our second pop up shop at Leigh Miners Rugby Club…If we were measuring the success in money terms it wasn't great but my whole outlook and perspective has changed. Although sales would suggest there's not much point carrying on I made a commitment to the club and I will honour that commitment but what lessons did I learn from drawing a blank?

First and foremost, the road I’m on isn’t going to be easy and there are going to be a lot of bumps in the road! However, the building of isn’t just about money, obviously the more money we make the more stock we can buy and with more stock comes more satisfied customers, but it really is a labour of love for me personally and I got more positives than negatives out of drawing a blank on Saturday! 1) There were more than 1,000+ spectators at the club on Saturday and that’s a 1,000+ people that have now heard of or have been reminded of (our social following @B1G1HP on instagram, twitter and facebook increased and our website visits increased) 2) People that had already heard about us but weren’t sure if we were dodge have now been able to put a face to the business and may now have the confidence to buy from us in future (not that I have the most trustworthy of faces) 3) Miners won and Utd beat City. In all seriousness whenever I have a setback with the business and there are many daily, I learn from them, look for the positives and move forward. If I dwell on everything that goes wrong I would’ve given up by now, but quitting is not an option.

Sales online have been brilliant since the start of April which is allowing us to invest in new stock from some very well-known brands, until they are in my warehouse I will not be revealing which brands because no deal is confirmed until the stock is sat in your warehouse! One of the brands we will be launching soon is a brand called Penny Catcher. Penny Catcher is a Manchester brand created by a mate of mine that I worked with in the stores many years ago, check them out on Instagram @penny_catcher It’s a bit of a mad one with how it came about (involving picking stock up from a Stretford car park at 9pm one night) but a mate of mine told me about the brand and reconnected me with my old mate and I liked what I saw. 

Instead of immediately thinking ‘this could benefit my business’ I asked Mr Penny Catcher which stores he would like to carry his brand. There’s a couple of well known stores on most high streets that I have either worked at or I have worked with some of their buyers over the years, so I spoke to my contacts on behalf of Mr Penny Catcher and connected him with the right people. The big retailers I am referring to are massive machines and it can take forever and a day to make progress with them, but time will tell. Obviously at we can move a lot quicker, so we’ve decided to throw the stock onto the website in the hope we can create the awareness every new brand needs whilst the well-known retailers decide what it is they want to do! So please keep your eyes peeled for the launch of Penny Catcher next week and if you want to wear an on trend – independent brand that not every man and his dog are wearing then get all over it and fingers crossed we all see Penny Catcher on a high street near us soon!

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