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Behind The Scenes - Planning Ahead

I just clocked the mileage in the B1G1HP van and we’ve covered 2,000 miles in 3 weeks…That’s almost the equivalent of driving from Manchester to Barcelona and back again. Our travels haven’t taken us to anywhere quite as glamourous as Barcelona, but who needs glamour when your building a business that your passionate about. In those 2,000 miles I have no idea how many people have seen the B1G1HP logo on the van, but I’m sure it’s helping to get us out there!

We’re busy planning the digital marketing and more pop ups for Q4 peak trading and we’re paying attention to South Wales and Scotland. We are having some real success in both areas online and I’d love to spread the B1G1HP love to more potential customers in those areas. I love the peace and quiet of mornings and it’s a good job as our days start at 3:30am whenever we’re hosting a pop up but usually I can’t sleep for the excitement of what the weekend pop-up might bring.

I’m pretty sure most normal people have a lie in at weekend and head for a nice meal or a country walk, but I’m not like most normal people and I love nothing more than getting in the van early morning, coffee in hand, tunes on and cruising on the deserted motorways to the unknown. It’s the sense of freedom that I craved before starting my own business and if I could bottle that feeling I’d be a very rich man. Before any pop up I need to prep the stock at and that’s where I’m off now :)

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