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Behind The Scenes - On The Road

Last week saw us pick up our first vehicle. The sense of pride I feel when driving it around town is massive, the awareness it will create for the business is great, but as I touched on in my Make The Sacrifice Blog a couple of weeks ago - it’s the flexibility and productivity it brings to the business that excites me. No more making 2-3 trips to collect stock etc.

What is also allows us to do is take the business on the road, I attempted this earlier this year, but in a 3-door car it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life! No excuses now though, so this weekend I’ve booked a plot to host a pop-up shop in North Wales and I can’t wait. It could be good, it could be really good, but it could be bad, it could be really bad. It’s the challenge of the unknown that excites me. What it has thrown up is another problem though, I literally spend my life dealing with problems nowadays, but I love it in a weird way. This latest issue is in relation to camping…

To keep costs down I had the idea to camp out on the Saturday night, so I can host the pop-up on the Saturday and the Sunday…Little did I know, but most campsites don’t allow commercial vehicles and the ones that do won’t open their gates to let us out at 4am on the Sunday morning. I sat and scratched my head for a while and came up with the solution of sleeping in the van. Not only is the van helping the business become flexible, but it’s now my mobile home as well!

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