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Behind The Scenes - Mindset

The ups and downs of starting your own business can be compared to riding a roller coaster with the odd brick wall road block thrown in the mix - EVERY SINGLE DAY, there seems to be more downs than ups, but weirdly I enjoy the downs more than I enjoy the ups. The ups occur when something has gone to plan so I don’t tend to get carried away with them.

The downs occur when you have made a wrong call or when you least expect them, but it’s these moments that really challenge you and your mindset. Do you just say oh well and move on? Do you say how do I reverse my bad decision? Do you say bring it on? It’s a combination of all three to be honest. If you have made a bad decision you have to move on, but don’t make the same mistake twice - Learn from it. Who would’ve thought men’s crotchless boxer shorts wouldn’t sell? Sense of humour certainly helps deal with the downs!

You’ve made a £500 investment which didn’t pay off, it doesn’t sound a lot, but when you have bills coming out left, right and centre it is a lot! If you are like me you don’t just write that off as a loss, you look at ways you can make that money back and if it means you are personally £500 worse off this month then so be it! The bring it on attitude comes when you have established an idea which will help you recover your loss or when you have taken the hit and you must eat dirt for a month!


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