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Behind The Scenes – Going On Tour

May has been a weird month from a trade point of view following very strong sales in April - I’ve experienced the highs and lows of business over the past couple of months that’s for sure. As the days past by this month and sales trickled in (but our outgoings flooded out) I was left to do quite a bit of soul searching. I knew there was more I could be doing but what that was I wasn’t quite sure. There’s nowhere to hide when it’s on your head.

I checked the website repeatedly to see if there were any technical issues, but the website was working perfectly fine. The reason for our slow start to this month is a combination of a few things 1) We haven’t got buckets of cash to compete with big businesses on marketing 2) Payday fell on Bank Holiday 3) The weather has been amazing. However, none of this gives me any comfort and I’m certainly not going to hide behind any of these reasons. One afternoon I decided to put my laptop down and I called at the corner shop for a cornetto and I headed on a walk around the local park.

It was whilst I was out walking that I came up with idea of taking the business on tour. My theory being if we haven’t got the cash to bring people to us then I will take it to the people. I almost ran home so I could start to work on my plan. I added key dates to a calendar and decided I was going to target seaside towns during half term, I got on the phone and booked some plots at several different locations. It all starts at 3am this Saturday morning and I can’t wait to interact face to face with the public and tell them all about our unique business. If your heading to a seaside town over half term and you see us pop over and say hello, it would be great to meet you.

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