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Behind the Scenes – Are you earning though?

I’ve been out and about a lot recently and there was a reoccurring question that kept popping up and it got me thinking. This question was - are you earning though? This was said in response to me saying how much I’m loving the challenge of building B1G1HP. It was usually asked by people that complained about how tough it is out there and by people who complained about how much they hate their jobs! Maybe they're unhappy because they're chasing money...

To answer their question though, I’m earning enough to get by, literally, enough to get the bus into Manchester for meetings and enough to put fuel in my car to collect stock. I’m not putting this out there to make you feel sorry for me, I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way (not that anybody reads these anyway ha). That bus ride into Manchester might just lead me to the next hottest brand and that stock that I collect might just be a best-seller, you just never know.

I know exactly how tough it is out there, but that inspires me. It inspires me because the public obviously want something different and that creates gaps in the market! My passion is to exceed the expectations of our customers without being greedy, if that means we make less money as a business so be it, but value and service is what will set us apart from the competition and enable B1G1HP to take advantage of how tough it is out there and become sustainable.

Money isn’t the driver for me personally. I am determined to build B1G1HP into a monster, but I want it to be a monster, so it creates secure jobs for many people. One of them people is somebody I grew up with and every time I bump into him he inspires me. This person has learning difficulties and he bounces from job to job as he is probably the easiest person to let go. He doesn’t know it, but he is going to run my warehouse one day and he will have the job security that he craves.

When you’re not chasing personal riches, you are doing something you love, and you are determined to give your mate job security earning enough to get by is all that you need!     

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